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Entity Nudite Corrective Powders 4x9gr.

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SKU: 0811931011481b

Warm Pink , Cool Pink , Warm White , Cool White

Turn up your client’s satisfaction with Entity’s award-winning Nudité corrective powders! Nudité is specifically designed to hide flaws and create beautiful, natural-looking nails on clients with short or damaged nail beds, without the trouble of mixing.

An exclusive fusion of our proprietary pigment combination blends right in with the color of your client’s nail plate, effortlessly hiding imperfections while still looking completely natural. Nudité acts like a concealer, allowing you to extend the nail beyond the natural nail tip, creating the illusion of a longer nail plate. Nudité is also perfect for retouches by camouflaging re-growth of the free edge and speeding up your service.

Like our other exclusive Entity powders, Nudité is specially formulated for consistent performance, effortless workability and unsurpassed resilience.

Entity’s exclusive Nudité corrective powders are available in opaque warm pink, cool pink, cool white and warm white.