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Entity Love The Drama Dip & Buff Powder 23g (0.8 Oz)

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SKU: 5102053

Seriously mysterious ... that's 'Love The Drama' nail dipping powder
in Dark Black/Purple Creme by Entity

Step 1
A thin coat of #1 Prep dehydrator to nails of 5 fingers

Step 2
On first nail on one hand apply Entity # 2 Base Coat,
avoiding cuticle and skin areas, immediately dip finger
into Clear dip powder, tap to remove excess powder. Do
other fingers in turn then dust off 5 fingers well.

Step 3
On the first nail again, apply Entity #2 Base Coat as before,
this time dipping into Colour dip powder, tap off excess powder
and dust off. Air dries in about 20 seconds while you do the
other fingers. Repeat #2 Base Coat and Colour powder dip to
each finger nail in turn, tapping off excess and dusting off.

Step 4 Back to the first nail, apply Entity #3 Activator to
bond the resin and powder; it air dries in 5 seconds while
you’re doing the other fingers. HINT: Quickly wipe Activator
brush on table mat or dry wipe after every two nails.

Step 5 Then follow with Entity #2 Base Coat again, buff
to shape and smoothness with 150/150 sponge/buffer,
dust off – it only needs a light buffing to do the job –
dust then cleanse well with Nail Surface Cleanse on a
saturated wipe.

Step 6 Another application of Entity #3 Activator, wiping
off firmly with a dry wipe – this really does make a difference
to a smooth finish on the nail.

Step 7 Apply 1-2 coats of Entity #4 Top Coat to hi-shine
and seal each nail, leave to air dry for about 5 minutes –

for instructions