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Perfect Nails Bond Gel Vitamine 15mL.

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Thin base gel with good cohesion for LacGel.

Curing: 2 min in UV lamp / 1 min in LED lamp


How to apply:


Shorten and shape natural nails with #180 file.

Matte surface with #180 or #150 buffer.

Use Perfect Prep for sanitize and dehydrate the natural nails.

Apply a thin layer of Perfect Nails Bond Gel and cure it in UV/LED lamp.

Remove the sticky layer with a clean gel brush and apply 2 layers of color (cure each layers in UV/LED lamp).

Use a thin layer of Perfect Nails LacGel Base&Top or Perfect Nails No Cleanse Top Shield and cure it in UV/LED lamp.

Clean the surface with gel cleanser - if you use Base&Top.

If you use No Cleanse Top shiled it is dry after curing, no need to clean.


How to remove:

Use #180 file to remove the top coat from the nails and soak them in acetone for 8-10 minutes.

Remove the soft Lacgel from the natural nails with a metal cuticle pusher and clean the surface with a #180 or #150 buffer.