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about us

Lakkstore is a total supplier of hand, foot and nail care products and working with customer relationship, education and distribution throughout Norway. We are centrally located in Bergen, but we offer courses throughout Norway if required. With us you will find an active and professional environment with school and wholesale operations. We have trained nail designers both in Norway and abroad since 2007. Our goal is to increase the level of education in Norway.

Our business consists studio, education and wholesaler with sales of products to salons throughout Norway. The shop is open to all whether you work in the industry or just want to buy products for home care. All see our entire range of products, but part of the products are only for sale for those who work in the industry.

Behind our company stand Maya Abbedissen and Eva Darabos. Maya has 17 years experience while Eva has 13 years experience. Both Maya and Eva have national and international championships in nail design through many years. They have trained both beginners to become good nail designers and trained experienced nail designers to become masters in their field.