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In our world, and not at least our industry is constantly evolving, and this happens in an impressive development. You have to be in a position to monitor developments, if not you will fall behind. Always seek to be better than you think you can be, and you will always be stronger than those who do nothing to develop. We can certainly promise you.

A great mentor once said "Never stop learning, everyone can use more knowledge"

There is no relationship between duration and perfection. How long to do something, does not mean that you do it right. Education strengthens you. As long as your knowledge is based on current development, you will always be successful and competitive in your area, business or private life.

We are here to provide you the very latest training. To teach you the science behind our products, which makes the products so unique. And you will learn important details that you can once again share with your customers. Our acrylic, gel, Permanent varnishes and Day Spa course is the most informative and economic learning platforms accessible from any course provider. Our courses in business are included in our courses will help you to drive and get your business to flourish. We do this by learning the basic principles of branding, marketing, the art of selling and efficient operation. These are necessities in a healthy business. Please look at our course plan

Private lessons are also possible for nail designers who have a busy day. We also provide consultations in salons that would like to have an assessment of needs for training and replenishment of expertise.