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Pr i dag fører vi følgende merker: 

     Entity Beauty       Kinetics    Morgan Taylor

  Lakish        Super Nail

Til enhver tid har vi en evaluering av produkt merkene på markedet for å sikre at vi til enhver tid sikrer våre kunder tilgang til de beste produktene på markedet.

-STALEKS PRO – highly maintainable instruments designed for long-term professional use. We recommend EXCLUSIVE, EXPERT, and SMART series to manicure and pedicure specialists, cosmetologists, experts in eyebrow modelling and lash extension.

-Entity Beauty -We believe beauty professionals and distributors worldwide should be in business for themselves but not by themselves. Entity Beauty products are available online as well as distributed through our valued U.S. and International distributor partners.

Entity Beauty empowers users with the highest quality products, technology, tools, training and ideas. Entity demands innovation in all products raising the bar of the industry. We offer superior service and are committed to the highest safety standards.

Entity Beauty has brought together a team of the best and the brightest, with a wide range of impressive accomplishments and experience.

We are proud to identify as a PETA® certified cruelty-free brand.

* Nail Alliance - North America, Inc. PETA Certification

-Kinetics - From day one we have been creating nail products for professionals. Our pride is our lab. Our chemists create hundreds of formulas monthly to be tested with nail professionals. Only when approved by both teams – chemists and educators – is a product launched to the market. This is our professional way. Our unique educational program keeps the professionalism level to its highest